What We Do & WHY it Matters

We by choice are not funded by any government agency or program and rely 100% on your donations.

Every bag of clothing you donate to CP4CP contributes one pound at a time to our organization, to provide our members with funding for equipment and activities to enable them to live active and inclusive lives.

100% of CP4CP’s net proceeds go directly to the OFCP to help fund the programs that support people and families affected by cerebral palsy.

CP4CP’s mission is to divert textiles from landfills through our Clothing Donation Bins and our Home Pick Up Programs.

These programs divert over 12 million pounds annually from landfills.

The funds generated through these programs are used to fund OFCP’s programs to support individuals with cerebral palsy and their families in Ontario.

The OFCP began as a grassroots movement in 1947. Made up of groups of families across Ontario who formed parent councils, working together to provide education, therapeutic services and social activities for children with CP at a time when schools did not accept children with disabilities.

From improvised classrooms in church basements and spare rooms in schools and hospitals this “federation” of parent councils grew. The Federation was helped over the years by volunteers and philanthropic individuals. OFCP has expanded services, educated the public and lobbied governments for services from housing options to therapeutic resources.