E-waste initiative

Important announcement:

We are excited to announce that we have reopened our call centers and have begun rescheduling household pick-ups in the Toronto (GTA) region. Your support and generosity will be highly appreciated as we begin this outreach. If you wish to schedule a pick-up, please contact us at 647-522-7329 or pickup@cp4cp.ca. Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday (9AM -5PM) Gather up your electronic waste and used clothing/textile. It is time to get recycling!

CP4CP is proud to announce that we are taking a new step and doubling down on our commitment to reuse and recycle our resources and free landfill space. We have officially begun picking up electronic-waste right from your doorstep as well as from businesses. Discarding used, broken or worn-out electronics can be a hassle and we want to assist you in conveniently disposing of your e-waste, ensuring that they go to regulated recycling centers.

Simultaneously, we stay committed to supporting communities living with cerebral palsy in Ontario through this new e-waste initiative, by directing 100% of our profits to the programs and endeavors of the OFCP.


We are currently picking up electronic waste in Toronto (GTA), Cambridge, Hamilton, and London regions.  To find out more information about our eligible locations, send us a message on our social media accounts or use the form on the website to request a pick-up. Note that we can also accept your donations at our offices.

List of acceptable e-waste

Display devices, drones, Home Audio or video systems, Desktop computers, Home Theatre In-a-Box systems, Cameras and Security Cameras, Vehicle Audio, Audio Systems, Portable computers, Personal/Portable Audio Systems, Musical Instruments and Recording Equipment, Floor Standing Printers and Printer Cartridges, Video Gaming Systems and Peripherals, Computer Peripherals (Routers, Cables, Charges, USB), IT & Telecom Equipment (Hard Drives, Servers, Microfilm Readers, Binding Machines, Postage Franking Machines, Check-Filler Machines), Desktop Printing, Multi-Function Devices, 3D Printers and Printer Cartridges, Phones (Telephone, Cellular, Smartphones, Devices , Pagers)